Thursday, February 13, 2020

Management and Organisational Development Module Essay - 1

Management and Organisational Development Module - Essay Example The managerial structure of Reddix has suggested the promulgation and inception of a knowledge management initiative which would ensure that they are better able to cope with the rapid advances in healthcare and have to a health care  in understanding and interpreting clinical information and data in to interpret context-based healthcare information. The consultants have already declared that the current IT infrastructure at Reddix cannot cope with this restructuring.It is admitted that the KM system as proposed by the consultants will be immensely beneficial to the patients and management in terms of integrating the electronic patient records (EPR) that are held by the NHS with the process of physicians and GPs ordering medical tests or medications. The main hurdle is thus not technical. Knowledge management is a culture and does not entail a simple change of hardware and software and processes. Thus the suggestion for the inception of a ‘knowledge sharing culture’ wh ich entails management of information as well as the management of people in whose hands this information is. This report focuses on one of major gaps in any Knowledge management Initiative and that is the lack of this Knowledge sharing culture with in the key stakeholders of the Hospitals Organisational structure. The way ahead for an institution which is falling behind in the technological arena is indeed Knowledge Management and as I would like to add to this strategy it should also incorporate the notions of Strategic Information Management and the Business Score Card Approach ,which will allow the strategic management of information to avoid future problems of interoperability.

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