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Analysis of Women's Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis of Women's Education - Essay Example After women’s right to education were enacted in America, many of them joined schools to pursue their careers. Among them, Mary Lyon, Miss Catherine Beecher, and Emma Willard become the most outstanding and excellent pioneers in education. This is because they struggled in their respective projects of enhancing girl child education (Slosson, 1921). The three found permanent institutions that offered education to women. It is, therefore, clear that American women are very fortunate for having the three as their leaders. This is because their personalities went far beyond lifting women movement to acquire education. In addition, the three women established academies and school to offer education to the girl child. This provided societal conventions that objected superior education to women in America. On the other hand, Mary Lyon, Miss Catherine Beecher, and Emma Willard opened female seminaries around the country. These seminaries were meant to open their expression and intensi on of collecting information for the female education systems. Moreover, their intensions of opening seminaries were meant to enhance reforms and improve education for girl child in the society. Through these seminars, they examined careers in order to expand women sphere in their studies. Their great effort, therefore, played a major role in reshaping school systems that offer education to women (Slosson, 1921). Emma Willard Emma Willard was born in 1787. She acquired her preliminary education at home through listening to her father’s reading. Later in life she decided to quit her domestic chores and start reading essays and passages. She then enrolled at a district school to pursue her formal education. After years of her study, she began her career of teaching young children in various schools around the country. During her teaching career, she contributed adversely to the progression and improvement of the girl child education. In the school, Willard divided studies into higher and lighter subjects. Higher subjects included history, languages and mathematics while light subjects were drawing and music. She did this in order to challenge the idea that young girl’s education was undermined by education. In addition, she also introduced sciences to the school similar to those that were taught in men colleges. Introduction of mathematics and sciences to the school was meant to address male monopoly to such subjects (Maybrey, 1998). Despite great effort in her career, she never gave up advocating for women’s right to education in the society. Her major rule was to enhance reforms in school systems so as to achieve equality in education. This is because of her belief that women are equal with men academically (Maybrey, 1998). She also published a lot of poems and articles that clearly portrayed her support for women empowerment. Throughout her career as an author and an educator, she drew attention of the disparity that existed between men a nd women regarding their education. She did this by devoting her life to revolutionize women’s education. Catherine Beecher Catherine Beecher is well known for her great contribution in enhancing women’s right to education. She first did this by opening a school that offered quality education to women in society. Like other education pioneers, she developed new teaching skills and evolved her own curriculum. This is

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